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Who We Are

A group of animal lovers from Poland living in Chicago, Illinois made it a mission to help animals in their motherland and in the neighborhoods they live in now. With the help of their family and friends, they founded Helping Hearts for Animals Foundation, Serce dla Psa, a charity organization to help animal shelters in Poland and Chicagoland. Serce dla Psa raises money to provide resources including food, medicine, and supplies directly to animal shelters in need.

Everyone within Serce dla Psa are volunteers. 100% of the money raised goes to the animals in need.

Founder: Mariola Ptasinski 

Board of Directors: Bozena Buniowska, Ewa Jakubik (Treasurer), 

 Katarzyna Zimolag, Joanna Skorupski

Members: Iwona Gebert, Magda Jacyno, Monika Sycewicz, Magda Filonowicz, 
Ewa Wilhelm Wezka, Lucyna Wieszczak, Arek Pirowski, Bozena Hernik

It’s a powerful organization run by powerful women for animals in need. Join the cause!

Our Mission

Helping Hearts for Animals Foundation, Serce dla Psa, is a charitable organization to help provide resources for animal shelters in Poland and Chicagoland. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is that through our love and dedication, Helping Hearts for Animals will grow exponentially providing funds for shelters and other organizations doing the footwork in assisting animals in need. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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